The Powerhouse In Home Made Soup

Morphy Richards are probably the best known manufacturer of kitchen appliances in the UK. They’ve been creating affordable machines to make cooking easier for decades, and in 2018 we’re seeing some very impressive products being launched in the soup maker range, some of which are new, and others are favourites that have been on sale for a few years.

Soup makers are fundamentally blenders and kettles all in one, but there’s a lot more to them to be able to create high quality soups at home. They often also double up as blenders and juicers, meaning that they’re great additions at home for the health conscious.

In order to put this summary together, we had a look at the soup maker section of the Morphy Richards website, along with an independent review site, that looks at a range of soup makers across a number of manufacturers. While the review site doesn’t cover all of the models that come from Morphy Richards, it’s clear to see that they’re the most highly rated of the brands featured.

We also spoke to a number of professional chefs about the rise of the home soup maker, and while many of them initially pointed out it’s something that they consider to be a lazy option, they also all conceded that the results are of a good quality, especially for the relatively low cost of the products to buy in the first place. Of course, as you would expect, chefs believe in doing everything ‘properly’ as they see it, which in essence means doing everything the traditional way in a pan on the hob, rather than using automated machine programs. Perhaps they’re worried about being put out of a job!

The clear favourite, whether you use review sites or Amazon best sellers or any other source seem to be the 48822 model – one that’s been around for some time. Ratcheting up over 3000 reviews on Amazon at the time of writing, it doesn’t look like this favourite is going anywhere any time soon, and surely the old adage ‘if it ain’t broke, why fix it’ applies here. You can read the review here.

As you’ll see, they’re really easy to use – it’s not the sort of product you’re going to buy and then stare blankly at or get frustrated with. It’s as simple as loading them up, choosing a setting and starting them up – but at the same time, there’s plenty of little extras to play with too. It’s one of the more basic models aimed at the newcomer to home soup making, but at the same time it’s something that will last you years – it’s not really the type of food that you need to get a better model for as you get more experienced – it’s as simple as smooth or chunky, and your experience will cause you to change your recipes, not the machine.

You can buy the machines in all sorts of places – the obvious ones being supermarkets, Currys and online in places like Amazon. From time to time you’ll see them pop up in the middle aisle of those budget supermarkets too – although whether that will be something of the quality of Morphy Richards is debatable. Generally the online options will yield the best prices. If (for example) you’re going for the Morphy Richards¬† 48822 soup maker, its going to be the same wherever you buy it, so just look for the best price.

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